The passion for jewelry was nurtured throughout the years. Kallas is today a philosophy and culture that all family members revere through their individual specialization.



The fusion of classic and modern styles makes of Kallas jewels a timeless sign of elegance. When it comes to creating timeless fashion jewels, Kallas has the Midas touch.



In 1966, Joseph Kallas stepped into the world of jewelry through the challenging experience of managing a 600-employee jewelry factory.  He started sensing the extraordinary art of creating the precious ornaments that enrich a woman’s identity and a man’s status.  After six years of staying behind the scenes, he moved on to launch his own business. A trip to Italy every now and then opened his eyes to the majesty of Italian designs, which he started importing to manufacture in Lebanon.  It was the startup of an exciting commercial journey where he even carried his jewels in a suitcase and travelled to the heart of the jewels business in the Gulf countries.  As a wholesaler, he gained all the best contacts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  In 1979, Kallas opened the first shop in Antelias and in 2003, expanded to establish an important jewelry factory in Borj Hammoud, the gold hub of Beirut. In 2011, Kallas opened a second branch in Zalka.


Kallas is a romance with the self; It is an expression of who a person is.  Identity, selfness and self-indulgence are the realm of our inspiration.  Our jewels nurture the attitude of authentic and personal luxury in a way that every woman can make the design look her own when combined to her way of dressing and looking.